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Ontario Agricultural College Introduces Alternative Agricultures Course

The Ontario Agricultural College is offering a new, multi-disciplinary course in the winter semester called “Alternative Agricultures: Perspectives on the Local Food Movement.” Initiated by OAC graduate students with the support of the dean and associate dean (external), the course is intended to fill a gap in the agriculture curriculum and meet the ever-growing need for consideration of food systems within their larger social and ecological frameworks.Students will study the linkages among land, food and community through the examination of the social, economic, environmental and political aspects of both the mainstream and emerging trends in the food system. For more information, contact email Émanuèle Lapierre-Fortin.


Milk program fosters small scale processing

For the past 10 years the Groenewegens have contemplated establishing an on-farm fluid milk processing business. Now the couple is in the planning stages and hopes to have it established by the fall of 2011. To do so, they have become part of a pilot program developed by Dairy Farmers of Ontario to encourage on-farm fluid milk processing. Called Project Farmgate, the program provides market development support, including staff support in working with the Ontario agriculture ministry on matters related to plant approval. In return, the farmers are to provide the business knowledge they acquire to Dairy Farmers. Better Farming story.


Ontario fund backs farmers to sell to public sector

Ontario farmers, processors and distributors will be able to use new funding to make market connections with public-sector institutions such as hospitals, schools and municipalities. The province last week rolled out a Broader Public Sector Investment Fund with the title-appropriate goal of increasing the amount of Ontario food purchased by the broader public sector. The initiative will include funds for local projects that are expected to encourage business between institutions and farmers, as well as the development of an “electronic marketplace” to link buyers with sellers across Ontario. The deadline for the fund’s first round of applications is set for Nov. 1. Country Guide story.


Activists aim for national food policy

Local food activists are hoping a discussion over a bowl of organic soup will lead to a more sustainable food system in Waterloo Region. On Friday night local groups held a “kitchen table talk” at the First United Church in Waterloo where about 50 community members met to discuss actions to improve the Region’s food system. Kitchener-Waterloo Record story.


Candidates agree on protecting farmland

Protecting farmland from development, keeping agriculture a sustainable industry, water safety and better services in rural areas dominated discussion in the latest debate for Brant County mayoral candidates on Thursday. When asked what steps each was prepared to take to protect farmland from development, all candidates competed to declare with the greatest resolution how important it is to ensure no land is needlessly lost. Brantford Expositor story.


The Locavore’s Garden

Growing vegetables shouldn’t seem exotic. It’s straightforward stuff. As a horticulturist and life-long gardener, I share practical experience about simple ways to garden. And as a writer and journalist, I give frank opinions about what you need…and what you don’t. You’ll find advice served up with a simple, no-nonsense approach. Website. Homegrown in Toronto E-zine.


Get ready for mass produced local food

Farmers’ and food processors’ responsibility for producing safe food is enormous, and the logistics are growing as the local food movement picks up speed. It looks to me as if we’re entering a new era – that is, one of mass produced local food. People are convinced buying local is a priority. According to the province, a recent Environics study shows 80 per cent of Ontarians say ensuring a local food source is very important to them. If you trust polls, that means about 10 million or so Ontarians are on the prowl for local food. Owen Roberts writes in the Guelph Mercury.


Action being taken to market Ontario farmers

The Greater Toronto Area Agriculture Action Committee (GTA AAC) is working with the City of Hamilton, the Niagara Region and the Holland Marsh Grower’s Association to develop a strategy to benefit GTA farmers. According to a news release, the “anticipated outcome of this project is not just another consulting report, but a 10-year plan that will serve as a blueprint for progress.” Caledon Enterprise story.


Harvest Market Exhibitor Application – Royal Ag Winter Fair

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is introducing a market to satisfy the visitor demand to purchase and take home Canadian grown and prepared foods such as produce, preserves, honey, maple syrup, cheese ,meat and more. This market will be promoted to the over 300,000 visitors to the Fair. The GTA Agricultural Action Committee collaborated with the Holland Marsh Growers and the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association to provide Ontario farmers with an application to receive a booth at the Harvest Market. Contact: Nick Ferri, Chair of the GTA Agricultural Action Committee.


Food Network Survey for Organizations in Ontario

Take 15 minutes of your time to strengthen Sustain Ontario by helping us to collect information on food networking in the province. A survey by researchers at the University of Toronto in affiliation with Sustain Ontario is aimed at all organizations and groups in Ontario working on food related issues. Survey.



The Gourmet Farmer, a food channel on You Tube

Jason Persall has recorded a number of videos about local food in Norfolk County.

Home On The Range Part 1: Jason tours the Y U Ranch with owner Bryan Gilvesy.

Home On The Range Part 2: Jason tours the Y U Ranch with owner Bryan Gilvesy.

Norfolk County Fair Part 1: Jason challenges Chef Tracy Winkworth to use what’s available at the Flavour Fest and cook a meal in 30 minutes!

Norfolk County Fair Part 2: Will Tracy win Jason’s challenge, of cooking a meal with only what she finds at Flavour Fest 

Norfolk County Fair Part 3: Jason interviews Anna Olson at Flavour Fest at the Norfolk County Fair.


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