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Shared Harvest Metro Vancouver

FarmFolkCityFolk’s site where farmers, retailers, fishers, restaurants, charities, schools, and community members source and list food and agricultural products for sale or donation. Website.


Home Grown: Local Sustainable Food

Home Grown is a photographic exploration of local food production and sustainable farming in Vancouver and the surrounding region, presented by MOV and FarmFolkCityFolk. In photo-journalistic style, 39 stunning images by photographer, Brian Harris, contain a call-to-action for individuals and communities to reclaim control of local food systems and to think carefully about the ethics of food consumption decisions that are made every day. Museum of Vancouver exhibit.


Respecting Volunteers of the Gaia City

I realize this is a room animated by people desiring to give back to the city, but also an incubator overflowing with the social capital that can be tapped to nurture a creative class in the food sector. And I think about how interculturalism and engagement can flourish when government looks beyond conventional municipal issues like parks, potholes and police. If that city’s promise is respected, taxpayers will be repaid many times over, as social dialogue, intercultural learning, enriched job opportunities, improved air quality, reduced traffic congestion and public participation come into their own, dwarfing anything that penny-wise, pound-foolish budgeting could ever accomplish. Wayne Roberts writes in NOW Magazine.


Calling For “Local Food Day”

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the harvest and, if a Private Member’s Bill introduced in the House of Commons last week passes, it will be a time to recognize the work of Canadian farmers.Bill C-579 would make every Friday prior to Thanksgiving a nationally-recognized “Local Food Day.” “The idea is to really recognize what Canadian producers do, the quality of the product their providing, and the fact it’s at a very reasonable price,” says Ron Bonnett, president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. Portage Online story.


Root cellar resurgence

There are many ways to get back to your roots. Take the root cellar. It is both traditional and trendy, thanks to the locavore movement. “The next logical step after local food is some kind of at-home facility for storing that food, especially if you want to make use of the local harvest at this time of the year,” explains Steve Maxwell, co-author with Jennifer MacKenzie of The Complete Root Cellar Book: Building Plans, Uses and 100 Recipes. “It’s quite fascinating how all of these old ideas are new to a whole new generation,” MacKenzie adds. Toronto Star article.


$20 for Food and Drink at 5 Cool Restaurants

This fall, many of the Downtown East Side’s (DTES) best restaurants are joining together for Eat Drink Local, a celebration of the food scene in Vancouver’s most energetic culinary neighbourhood. Drawn by accessible heritage commercial spaces and the growing community of restaurateurs, the neighbourhoods of the DTES—Gastown, Railtown and East Hastings– have emerged as the engine driving Vancouver’s food and cocktail culture. The young, dynamic chefs, operators and bartenders who have moved into the neighbourhood have helped to define a unique Vancouver food style that’s built on local ingredients, excellence without pretention, the spirit of adventure and a passion for the art and craft of food and cocktail preparation. Vancouver Sun story.


Dealing with Canada Geese: Make Lunch, Not Landfills

This summer, New York State announced a plan to help control its Canada goose population by eliminating some 170,000 birds through gassing, hunting, and birth control. In Prospect Park, some 400 geese were rounded up and euthanized, their bodies then tossed in a landfill. According to hunter, writer, and locavore activist Jackson Landers, this is a huge waste of good meat. Landers, in association with Slow Food NYC, is hosting a workshop this Saturday, October 30, at the Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center in Park Slope that will address how to safely hunt, butcher, and cook Canada goose. Village Voice blog (includes video of Landers hunting).


Nicole L.V. Mullis: Recycling maven caught bagless in Canada

I used to think I was pretty “green.” I pay for curbside recycling, compost my kitchen scraps, buy local produce, hang my clothes outside in nice weather, and use cloth bags for large grocery shopping trips. Then I moved to Ontario and found out I’m only “green” by red-white-and-blue standards. Here in O Canada, recycling is a way of life. There was one eco-habit, however, I struggled to form: remembering my reusable shopping bags. Battle Creek Inquirer story.


Food Sovereignty: Reconnecting Food, Nature and Community

Advocating a practical, radical change to the way much of our food system currently operates, this book argues that food sovereignty is the means to achieving a system that will provide for the food needs of all people while respecting the principles of environmental sustainability, local empowerment and agrarian citizenship. The authors of this book describe the recent emergence and the parameters of an alternative system, food sovereignty, that puts the levers of food control in the hands of those who are both hungry and produce the world’s food – peasants and family farmers, not corporate executives. As the authors show in both conceptual and case study terms, food sovereignty promises not only increased production of food, but also food that is safe, food that reaches those who are in the most need, and agricultural practises that respect the earth. Fernwood Publishing announcement.


Bon Appetit With Cheapflights.ca’s Top Foodie Destinations

Travel is all about discovering new places and experiencing different cultures, and a big part of getting the most out of the cultural experience is to taste the local cuisine. As Canada is known for its multiculturalism, it’s no surprise that this diversity is also experienced through the local specialties served across the nation. To help guide you through this culinary journey, Cheapflights.ca has stepped up to the plate and prepared a menu of the Top 10 Foodie Cities in Canada. MarketWire story.



Cooking with Kids

Have any little chefs who like to help with dinner? This Braided Beef Stromboli is kid-friendly and kids love helping stir the ingredients and braid the dough for this meal. Whitney writing for The Missouri Beef Buzz.


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