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Marketing to Today’s Consumer, webinar, December 6
Learn how successful agritourism operators in North America continue to grow their businesses with effective marketing methods in light of today’s economy. It’s never easy to stay ahead of your competition but you can learn to differentiate yourself.  Don’t be a copy cat – be a leader! Learn how to maximize the free tools of the Internet to stay ahead.  Recognize that your employee is your most important product. Get ready to recharge your batteries and recharge your business in 2011 with proven marketing strategies. Details.
Connecting with the Consumer – Creating an Experience, webinar, December 13
Consumers are asking questions at about their food and food systems and this presents opportunities that have not existed for an entire generation within our agricultural industries. Many consumers want to know who produced the foods they eat, and how. In other words, the food they eat has to have with it values that fit their health and lifestyle choices. This includes wanting to eat healthy foods that are grown closer to home, by families they can trust. Details.
No Fast Food Day (Eat Real Day), December 17
We have a broken food system. Let's do something about it, and start a discussion. Let's get the economy and our governments to act for health. Facebook post. Food Forward sign-up.
26th Annual Convention North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association, Baltimore, March 4 to 10 
North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association is a trade association dedicated to nurturing the farm direct marketing industry. Its actions are driven by those whose daily lives are dedicated to this way of life. Its members support their family farms by selling millions of dollars worth of farm-grown produce directly to consumers at farm stands, farmers’ markets, pick-your-own farms, consumer-supported agriculture, agritourism venues, and other ever-growing innovations in direct producer-to-consumer agricultural marketing methods. Details.
NYC Food + Tech Hackathon, New York, December 4
Please join Food+Tech Connect, Open Source Cities, & Gojee on December 4th for the inaugural Food+Tech Hackathon as part of the International Open Data Hackathon. This open-source hacking event will bring together developers from all over the state to hack on real-world problems relating to how we grow, prepare, and interact with food. Developers, designers, statisticians, urban farmers, public officials, and researchers will come together for a 12-hour hackathon that uses public data to help citizens connect with their food. We will make sure your mind and belly is nourished throughout the day with delicious food and thought-provoking presentations. Non-coders are encouraged to participate as well! We’ll be creating a google doc where you can share ideas and form teams. Details.
Food Forward Calendar of Toronto Good Food Events.
Announcements Repeated
Farmers Matter Town Hall Meeting, Stratford, November 26
Discussion on sustainability of Canadian pork and beef farming, followed by a hot dinner of local foods, and a concert by a remarkable Shania Twain tribute artist! Farmers Matter is a group created by Ontario pork and beef farmers from Perth County, Ontario. This group was formed in July 2010 as a platform through which Perth County beef and pork producers could voice our concerns and ideas for policy change that will support the sustainability of Ontario’s beef and pork sectors, as well as offer solutions to short-term risks currently affecting our respective industries. Farmers Matter website.
Food Secure Canada's Biennial Assembly, Montreal, November 26 to 28
The Assembly will begin with a keynote panel on Friday, November 26, focusing on the 'big picture' around food, energy, and climate change, with a panel of speakers from the 'global South' and Canada. The speakers will unveil the international corporate agenda and discuss the responses from small farmers and social movements against land grabs and the degeneration of agriculture into the production of biomass for whatever industrial purpose is currently convenient. This discussion will be placed in the context of the movement for Food Sovereignty. Program outline.
The Southwest Diabetes Development Conference, London, November 27
Since the discovery of insulin in 1922, there have been huge strides in understanding diabetes. Annually, the Canadian Diabetes Association funds millions of dollars of research on prevention, treatment and management of the disease. At the South West Diabetes Development Conference, the Association will update you on the latest in diabetes research and Ontario government commitments. Elbert van Donkersgoed to speak on: ““A Few Good Ideas on how to make the Food System more Health Friendly.” Details.
So You’re Thinking of Buying a Farm? Guelph, November 27
Do you have the dream of buying a farm? If so, the earlier you begin to research and plan for it, the better! How should you begin your search? How do you find financing? How do you make an offer? These questions and lots more will be the focus of this workshop, geared towards first time buyers. FarmStart details.
Pushing Forward: Growing your career in the good food movement, Toronto, November 27
The booming food sector is providing a number of exciting opportunities for today’s job seekers and those looking for a change of career. Already making up one out of every eight of Toronto’s jobs, food jobs are providing a key component of the City’s employment market and economy. The purpose of this afternoon is to provide a series of educational and interactive sessions for people interested in getting or starting a job in the food or environmental sector that will also make a difference in society. Food Forward details.
Slow Food’s 2010 Good, Clean and Fair Dinner, Bloomfield, November 27
Keep a space in your calendar for this year’s Good, Clean and Fair Dinner. After four years at Harvest, we decided it was time to give Michael and his staff a break and we are holding this year’s dinner and fund raiser at Angeline’s Restaurant and Inn in Bloomfield. The evening will kick off at 6 PM in Angeline’s café with amuse-bouches and complimentary County wines. And you will have an opportunity to look at all the great silent auction items available around the restaurant. Then we move into the dining room to enjoy a sumptuous feast prepared by Slow Food member Chef Sebastien Schwab. The meal’s theme is a Hint of Chèvre with goat’s milk or cheese the accent on every course. Details.
Hart House to Host U of T's First-Ever TEDx Event, Toronto, December 6
On December 6th, at 6:00 p.m., the independently organized TEDxHart House: The Future of Food will explore some of the factors we must weigh as we choose what foods make it into our shopping carts. With the rise of issues like ethical eating, factory farming and food scarcity, the world is awakening to how we sow, grow, raise, reap, slaughter, transport, distribute, buy, share, cook, eat and dispose of food. Four experts—Jason Qu, Lauren Baker, Jeffrey Crump and Bettina Schorman—will share their views on two-tiered food systems, food sharing, local food movements and sustainability in a series of three 18 minute talks. Details.
 “Terra Madre Day” Celebrating Local Food, Toronto, December 10
As part of an international day of local food activities, Slow Food Toronto will celebrate Ontario’s farming communities with delicious sustainable nourishment, music and family friendly activities. Attendees can: sample delicious local food and drink; meet farmers, fishers, cooks and food artisans; buy ingredients and prepared foods for the holiday season; learn to make informed food choices; and connect with a community of conscious eaters. In keeping with the theme for Terra Madre 2010 in Italy, "Indigenous Cultures and Languages", we will highlight wild and farmed foods produced by First Nation communities in Ontario. Details.
High tunnel workshop, Bellville, Ohio, December 14
This day-long, interactive and farmer-centered program will focus on the unique and shared aspects of spring to fall and fall to spring high tunnel vegetable production. Panelists and participants will address major questions such as “Does fall to spring production have a mostly positive impact on the farm and one’s quality of life?”, “What resources are needed to make four-season production work?” and “What changes in soils, pests, and diseases can be expected fall to spring versus spring to fall?” Just as important, participants will have opportunities to help set the goals of research and extension activities intended to minimize the challenges associated with four-season high tunnel vegetable production. All are welcome although experience with high tunnel production will be useful. This program is sponsored by the Ohio State University Extension, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group, OSU IPM Program, and Allied Vegetable Industries. Details.
The Future of Farms and Food in Canada, Ottawa, January 13-14
The Future of Farms and Food in Canada, a national policy conference is being organized by the five national agricultural research networks, with financial support from AAFC and facilitated by the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society. The conference is scheduled for January 13-14, 2011 in Ottawa at the Chateau Laurier hotel and is designed for anyone with an interest in the future of the farm and food industries in Canada. Details.
The 30th Annual Guelph Organic Conference & Expo, January 27-30
Generation Organic. Canada's leading grassroots organic marketing event - Jan. 27-30, Guelph University Centre. Many recognizable names will be present both as presenters and exhibitors - Everdale, Holistic Management, Mapleton, Pete's Greens, Cathy's Composters, The Big Carrot, Organic Meadow.  Come out and have a mid-winter organic experience. Workshops are a paid program; Expo, Jan. 29-30 free to the public. Details.
Greenbelts: Local Solutions for Global Challenges, Toronto, March 22 to 24, 2011
The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is hosting an International Greenbelts Conference in Toronto, Canada, March 22nd - 24th, 2011. Through the sharing of diverse experience and perspectives, the Conference will spark new ideas about the possibilities that greenbelts offer, and generate new ways of tackling some of the complex challenges in near urban farming, rural vibrancy, and protecting our ecosystems and the numerous benefits they provide. Website. 
Rural Tourism Conference 2011, BC April 19-21
Broadening our horizons: Amenities, Regional Development and Collaboration. The 2nd Annual Conference, April 19-21, 2011, Hills Health Ranch, 108 Mile House, BC. The successful development of tourism in rural areas is driven by the creative use of natural and cultural amenities. These amenities make rural areas attractive places to visit, relocate or invest. Details.
Sustain Ontario Calendar of Events
FarmStart Current Events & Workshops 
The Stop Community Food Centre Events Calendar 
Pedestrians & Sidewalks: Pop-up Cafés
DOT (Department of Transportation) is seeking applications from restaurants for its Pop-up Café Program. Pop-up Cafés provide outdoor public seating in the curb lane during the warm months and promote local businesses. Such cafés are popular in Europe, where narrow sidewalks prevent sidewalk cafés, and have recently been established in California and Canada. In the summer of 2010, DOT partnered with two Lower Manhattan restaurants to pilot the city’s first Pop-up Café. Building on this success, DOT is expanding the Program in 2011 by partnering with restaurants or cafés in up to 12 locations throughout the five boroughs. New York Pop-up Cafés application.

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