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Soupstock – A Call to Action

Soupstock was a one-day celebration on October 21st 2012 featuring delicious soup creations by more than 200 of Canada’s top chefs. Join the inspiring movement to stop the Mega-Quarry and protect the Melancthon region’s prized farmland and precious headwaters. Let your MPP know you care, soupstock.ca/action. Intro music by Inlet Sound: Romantics I inletsound.com/

Video produced by Dowling Pictures for Canadian Chefs’ Congress and the David Suzuki Foundation.


Chef Michael Stadtlander @ SOUPSTOCK 2012

YouTube interview.


Closing remarks at Soupstock 2012 w/ Chef Michael Stadtländer

YouTube video.


Choir! Choir! Choir! at Soupstock 2012 – Eye of the Tiger

Admittedly a little rough in spots (thumbs, wind, shakey cam) but ultimately gets the job done for-the-record-wise. (Thanks, Major Trout! 🙂 Toronto’s lovely & talented Choir! Choir! Choir! opens their set at the Soupstock 2012 mega quarry protest with a characteristically feisty “Eye of the Tiger”. YouTubevideo.


Globe & Earth Restaurant @ SOUPSTOCK 2012

Soups on… for a sustainable reason — to save the land that feeds us. You could say this is “soup for thought” or the Chef’s soup for the soul! The Canadian Chefs’ Congress headed by Chef Michael Stadtlander, stirred up some support from over 200 chefs across Canada and some from the USA, by getting together for a second year to protest the Highland mega -quarry since it left a bad taste in their mouths. Interview with Chef Dan by Mark.S for Canadian Foodies at the Woodbine Park, Toronto.


HiMY SYeD – Soupstock, Stop Mega-Quarry, Woodbine Park Toronto Ontario Canada Sunday October 21.YouTube video.


Sunday in the Park with Soupstock

The culinary protest against the Melancthon mega-quarry drew 40,000 to Woodbine Park. A smart dinnerware manufacturer would have sent a representative down to Woodbine Park on Sunday to observe the crowd at Soupstock. This rep would have been able to gather some fine competitive intelligence by watching people use every form of soup-holding implement known to humanity, from mass-produced mugs to colourful handcrafted ceramic bowls, all filled with tasty concoctions prepared by fine chefs from across the province. At Sunday’s event, attendees paid to sample soups made by professional chefs and prepared with ingredients sourced from Toronto-region farms. The proceeds went to the Canadian Chefs’ Congress and the David Suzuki Foundation. Both organizations have been involved in fighting the quarry. Torontoist story.


Soupstock draws a crowd

Some came with bowls. Some came with mugs. They came in the thousands to Woodbine Park for Soupstock – a massive culinary protest targeting the Melancthon Township mega-quarry. More than 200 chefs cooked up 12,000 pounds of local produce for Sunday’s event. Last year more than 28,000 made their way to a field 100 km north of Toronto for Foodstock. 

This year organizers decided to host it closer to downtown. “I’ve been advocating to everyone I know. We need to make people aware,” said Diana Mikas who just finished a bowl of chocolate soup. “It affects everybody, not just farmers. It’s integral to our survival.” Simcoe.com story.


‘Soupstock’ protests mega-quarry’s environmental impact

Soup lovers packed Toronto’s Woodbine Park on Sunday in a culinary protest against a proposed mega-quarry planned for a site just north of the city. The one-day event called Soupstock featured over 200 chefs serving soups to raise awareness about what organizers call the negative environmental impact a quarry could have. The event — for which local farmers and food growers donated over 11,000 pounds of produce — was a sequel to last year’s Foodstock festival that drew over 28,000 attendees to a site adjacent from the proposed quarry land in Melancthon, Ont. The provincial government has requested Highland Companies, which has proposed the quarry, to conduct a comprehensive environmental assessment of the site before any construction begins. CBC News story.


Crowds savour the tastes of Soupstock, protest mega-quarry

Crowds gathered at Woodbine Park to taste the savoury soups of more than 160 chefs and restaurateurs at Soupstock, an event protesting the proposal to build a mega-quarry in southern Ontario. The quarry will span 2,300 acres across the Township of Melancthon and tap into one billion tonnes of limestone deposit, eliminating farmland in the process. The provincial government announced in September 2011 that a full environmental assessment will be required before a final decision is made. If approved, the quarry will be the largest in Ontario and the second largest in Canada. Participating chef Jamie Kennedy told CTV Toronto that the restaurant industry has a vested interest in preserving local farmland. CTV News story.


Soupstock: Thousands gather at Woodbine Park to protest Melancthon mega-quarry

Some came with bowls. Some came with mugs. They came in the thousands to Woodbine Park for Soupstock — a massive culinary protest targeting the Melancthon Township mega-quarry. More than 200 chefs cooked up 12,000 pounds of local produce for Sunday’s event. Last year more than 28,000 made their way to a field 100 km north of Toronto for Foodstock. The quarry project first started raising eyebrows in 2006, when several farmers were approached with offers to buy their land north of Orangeville. In 2011, Highland Companies submitted a proposal for a quarry licence to the Ministry of Natural Resources and public opposition coalesced. Toronto story.


Tens of thousands attend Toronto’s Soupstock, mega-quarry protest

Under sunny skies, tens of thousands of people attended Soupstock on Sunday at Toronto’s Woodbine Park. The one-day culinary event celebrated locally grown food, prepared by over 200 of North America’s top chefs, and drew attention to a proposed mega-quarry north of the city. Event organizers estimate that over 40,000 people attended Soupstock, making it the largest event ever to be held at Woodbine Park, and one of the largest culinary celebrations in the country. Participants were encouraged to bring their own bowls and utensils, leaving the park virtually waste-free by the end of the day. Global Toronto story.


Protest? Food festival? Family fun at Soupstock!

A political battle with major long-term implications inspired a busy family-friendly event in Woodbine Park this weekend. Judging by the prevalence of strollers and tiny dancers, area parents either agree with the cause or are willing to overlook it for the sake of good food and live music on a sunny autumn day. Following up on a successful ‘Foodstock’ event in 2011 which was likewise billed as a ‘culinary protest’ over the same issue, ‘Soupstock’ brings together the David Suzuki Foundation, the Canadian Chef’s Congress, and hundreds of food vendors and local musicians for a one day festival. Examiner.com story.


Soupstock 2012

Yesterday I attended Soupstock at Woodbine Park. There were over 40,000 people in attendance trying out soups from 85 different booths. Bands also played in support of their land. The festival existed to raise funds to stop and raise awareness for the high-land mega-quarry. To put it shortly, the Highland companies want to blast a pit deeper than the Niagara falls in more than 2300 acres of farm land in Ontario. It would also require tons of water to be removed from the pit every day, water that people who live downstream from it need. All this just for some limestone. Though many people (including myself) originally came just for the soup, most learnt about and supported the cause. Teepoo’s Scribbles ~ Tiana’s Journal of Food and Adventure blog.


Soupstock – Woodstock for Foodies

It is an Eco event that is presented with the David Suzuki Foundation with the support of the local chef community who come out and provide a variety of hot soups that you can purchase for 3 samplings for $10.  It’s a bring your own bowl and spoon event but there were vendors on hand selling bowls if you forgot yours. Starving Foodie blog.


Soupstock Follow Up

Soupstock was a huge success yesterday, with thousands of people turning up at Woodbine Park with a spoon in their hands. The day was gorgeous, there was an endless bounty of soup to taste and the entertainment was fantastic. Check out Jim Cuddy with an awesome live rendition of the hit song 5 Days in May. Such a treat to see him live. LifeOverEasy blog.




Mega Quarry, Mega Worry

Citizens, farmers, environmentalists and chefs are raising concerns about a proposed mega quarry in Ontario’s Melancthon Township. The Agenda examines the competing claims in the Melancthon mega quarry fight. Video of Agenda with Steve Paiken.


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