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Fort Erie NASCAR Speedway Plan Strikes At Heart of Rural Life

One of the great tragedies in the effort to construct an 821-acre ‘Canadian Motorway Speedway’ on agriculturally zoned and designated lands in Fort Erie is that the scheme rips through the heart of one of the most intact areas of Carolinian forest in all of Canada. It also rips through the heart of the planning laws that seek to protect it. and Carolinian Canada. The community’s farmers in the 1950s, notably Bert Miller, founder of the still-standing Bert Miller Nature Club and one of the region’s leading environmentalists reforested tracts of area farmland on the advice of Davit’s foresters in the Department of Lands and Forests. John Bacher post on Niagara At Large


PETITION: Dalton McGinty Premier of Ontario: Stop Canadian Motor Speedway’s construction via Ministerial Zoning Order

To protect 650 acres of prime agricultural land, 177 acres of Carolinian forests and three watersheds that provide important fish habitat. Signature page.


Farmers Meet Potential Customers At Perth Event

Farmers, chefs and restaurant owners gathered in Stratford yesterday for a Culinary Tourism and Local Food Summit. Stratford Tourism Alliance hosted the event where attendees learned how culinary tourism can be used to grow their business. Organizer Amanda Cortez says sessions included social media, retail marketing and using local assets to market culinary tourism to a broader market. Blackburn Agri-Media story


Help Translate Le jardinier-maraicher

Le jardinier-maraîcher, written by Jean-Martin Fortier, provides an overview of all aspects of vegetable production at les Jardins de la Grelinette, a farm in Quebec that is well known for its intensive methods of production. This book demonstrates how adopting intensive methods of production can allow the grower to concentrate on growing better instead of bigger, making their operation more lucrative and viable in the process. The book explains in great detail the different horticultural techniques, tools and know-how that the author has developed while running a successful vegetable operation on less than 1.5 acres of land. Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign. Help FarmStart Translate Le jardinier-maraicher.


Taste Real Gives Back

Taste Real, Guelph and Wellington County’s award-winning regional food tourism organization, is donating $18,000 to local food access and security organizations. The money being donated was raised from ticket sales for the 3rd annual Taste Real Field Dinner, which was held in September at the McCarron Farm in Puslinch. 200 guests enjoyed a multi-course meal, hosted by Chef Lynn Crawford. Ontario Culinary Tourism post.


Farmers Prove Willingness To Protect Habitat

Ontario farmers appear to be willing to accommodate the habitats of grassland species on their farms. That’s how Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement officials are interpreting the fact they got more bid packages from interested farmers than they’d expected for the program. The Grassland Habitat Farm Incentive Program provides cost-share funding for grassland habitat protection projects. Blackburn Agri-Media story.


Ontario Continues to Grow the Greenbelt

Ontario is taking steps to expand the Greenbelt to protect more green space across the province. Public consultation meetings will start in December on adding the Glenorchy lands in Oakville to the Greenbelt. These lands would be protected to prevent development so future generations can enjoy them. Ontario will also hold public consultation meetings on a new Urban River Valley Greenbelt designation that would protect publicly owned lands near urban waterways, such as the Don, Humber and Sixteen Mile Creek river valleys. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing post.


Ryerson’s Courses in Food Security

As a continuing education Food Security student, you’re welcome to enroll in individual courses or to register for the certificate. Either way, you’ll benefit from studying in a unique, leading-edge program with knowledgeable, experienced instructors. All of the courses in this program are available by distance education.Website.


Clerk & chef wanted for Neighbourhood Collective

A new Organic Deli & Cafe, Raspberry Org, is opening on the Danforth. All grain-free, organic food from local sources; kids’ lunches, crepes, pancakes, home-made dairy products, vegetable “burgers,” etc. We are planning to operate as a neighbourhood collective on a profit- sharing basis. Clerk: we are seeking to hire part time a person who is familiar with the sources of organic food in Ontario to help find the best local produce suppliers. Chef: we would like to give an opportunity to a stay-at-home and part time creative cooks who would like to work either form their home or our kitchen and sell their organic creations at our Deli. Email Helen: moondew@pathcom.com.


New Products Blown in From Jack Frost!

Raspberry Almond Tarts: Revamped oldie! Rasberry jam accompanied by housemade almond paste and a dollop of our famous buttertart goo! Delicious as an after-lunch treat! Farmer’s Daughter website.


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