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Tesco vows to buy more local produce

Tesco, the UK’s biggest supermarket chain, has delivered a fillip to British farmers by pledging to buy more local produce in the wake of the horsemeat scandal – but manufacturers warn the move will increase the price of the weekly shop. Farmers have long urged consumers to buy local. But a combination of cheaper meat from overseas and global supply chains have drowned out their pleas: indeed even Wm Morrison, the number four supermarket and a staunch supporter of local produce, began quietly putting European meat on its shelves last November. Now, however, the backlash prompted by the appearance of horsemeat in burgers and other convenience meals has prompted retailers and manufacturers to shorten and simplify their complex supply chains. Financial Times story.


Scottish Locavore Restaurant (Intentionally) Serving Horse Lasagna

A Glasgow restaurant called Stravaigin that proudly hangs a “think global, eat local” flag on its website has looked at horsemeat from both sides now, and has decided to fully embrace the other red meat: “In true Stravaigin fashion, from 5pm on Friday 1st March, we will be serving up 100% horse lasagne,” it announced yesterday on its Facebook page. “In our research we found that numerous cultures have been eating mare, mustang and filly long before it became the topic of scandalous conversations in the UK. Not convinced? Well hay! (Sorry) It’s wonderfully healthy, with half the fat of beef and ten times the cholesterol shattering Omega 3s so gallop in.” Well done, guys. That’s what we call champing at the bit. Grub Street blog.


Help Naked Juice Give Access to Fresh Local Produce

Did you know there is an entire pound of fruit in every bottle of Naked® Juice? And now, when you indulge in all of that goodness, you’ll help those in need gain access to fresh local fruits and vegetables. Naked has teamed up with Wholesome Wave, a national nonprofit organization that improves access to fresh locally grown produce in underserved communities across the country. Contributing to the initiative is simple—download a coupon, which gets you $1 off any 15.2 ounce Naked Juice. For every coupon downloaded, one pound worth of fresh local produce will be donated to underserved communities. Eater National post.


New Food Co-Op Aims for Cheaper Prices, Local Produce

More than 50 people came out of the cold Wednesday night to hear about a food co-operation starting on the North Side. Imagine shopping at a grocery store that only carries local products with prices set by members of the community, rather than a corporation. That’s exactly what a group is trying to start on the North Side,—a community-run grocery store, known as a food co-operative. Patch.com post.


‘Locavore’ at large

More than visual however, I have recently discovered the “locavore” movement, dedicated to living off food grown locally. Some call it the 100-mile diet, consisting of the produce grown within 100 miles of home. We fortunately have the soil conditions, growing season and weather in West Michigan to provide us with a large variety of tasty and healthful alternatives. So while natural beauty is not limited to Michigan, we are blessed with an abundance of water ways and generous agricultural variety somewhat  unique in our great land. Holland Sentinel post.


Locavore Challenge

Our Locavore Challenge is a month-long challenge that encourages participants to increase their commitment to supporting a sustainable, local, organic food and farm system. We are currently in the planning stages for our 2013 September Locavore Challenge.  If you would like to receive more information about participating in the Locavore Challenge, please e-mail us at Locavore Challenge. Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York post.


Celebrity Chef Monica Pope Loves Locavore Experience of the Rodeo

While most of us at the celebrity goat milking competition at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on Tuesday were there to have fun. One celebrity milker was there on business. You may know Chef Monica Pope from her appearances on TV’s Top Chef Masters Competition on Bravo. Then again she is well known in Houston’s Culinary circles and for her interactive cookbook, “Eat Where your Food Lives.” “We use a lot of goat cheese and feta,” Pope said. Chef Monica is a big fan of the livestock show because she says its a great place to meet the people who are growing and producing food locally. “I’ve met all of them at the farmer’s market. That’s where I do my shopping twice a week,” Pope said. “I try to do as much local cheeses, meats and produce as possible.” News 92FM story.


Make the right grocery choices with ‘Rich Food, Poor Food’

A new book, “Rich Food, Poor Food,” addresses exactly that issue. Authors Mira and Jayson Calton have surveyed the research and created what they call a GPS (grocery purchasing system) designed to help people make good, nourishing food choices quickly and easily. Their book begins by describing what they believe is the most widespread and dangerous health condition today – micronutrient deficiency. Bellingham Herald Whatcom Locavore blog.


New five-step planning tool makes the most of urban green spaces

Even small areas of semi-natural vegetation, farmlands and abandoned farmlands provide important ecosystem services in urban environments. However, there is widespread loss of these non-urbanised areas (NUAs) owing to poor planning and urban sprawl. A new five-step process has now been developed that can inform effective planning to protect and enhance the value of urban green spaces. NUAs can be parks, woodlands, or agricultural land and are an important part of green infrastructure, providing many environmental, social and health benefits. European Commission, Science for the Environment Policy report.


An Iowa Farmer’s Quest for No Ordinary Pig

When he grew up, he would parlay his ingenuity into a career of building Internet portals for cities and computer networks for big companies. He would spin another business from a whim and a joke — building aquariums out of old Macintosh computers. And when he reached his mid-40s, rather than settle into his career, he embarked on a new unconventional endeavor, one he hopes will revolutionize an industry. Carl Edgar Blake II has tried to breed the perfect pig. Fatty and smooth. Meaty and flavorful. New York Times story.




2013 Food Trends Favor the Tech Savvy Consumer

Every year, Food+Tech Connect looks at the trends that are transforming the future of how food is produced, sold and consumed. We always pay particular attention to Phil Lempert’s, CEO of The Lempert Report and author of SupermarketGuru.com, foresights. This year, Lempert’s predictions touch on many of the topics we’ve covered over the past year like food waste, transparency, health and wellness and protein consumption. Lempert also points to the terrible drought of 2012 as a direct cause of increasing food prices and predicts that consumers will use technology to reduce waste and make smarter purchasing decisions. Food+Tech Connect post.


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