Locavore News — Ontario


Call to Action: Food & Water First

The fight to stop the Highland mega quarry shone a spotlight on the lack of protection for Ontario’s prime farmland and source water regions under the Aggregate Resources Act. The review of the ARA has been stuck in limbo since last summer and has yet to resume. As well, the Liberals have said they plan to re-introduce a Local Food Act which we believe should contain protection for the farmland and water that sustain our local food and thriving agri-food sector. North Dufferin Agricultural And Community Taskforce (NDACT) initiative


Petition: Support local food & good jobs in Ontario

The Premier of Ontario has committed to re-introducing a stronger Local Food Act to support our local farmers and eaters. We think the government can do more to create jobs in Ontario like they’ve done with sustainable energy, by supporting the fast-growing local sustainable food sector, while making the province a more awesome place. Sign here.


Hudak Conservatives Pitch Creation of a Second Food Terminal Outside of Toronto

Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak made a pit stop at the Western Fair London Farm Show on Friday (touted as Ontario’s largest indoor farm show) to announce his vision for the creation of a second regional food terminal somewhere outside of Toronto.  Hudak says the governing Liberals have ignored the agriculture sector and encouraged the rural urban divide. “We want to correct that and we want to make sure that the province of Ontario sees agriculture as a leading innovator and a creator of jobs and wealth in the province, “says Hudak. Farms.comstory.


Model Local Food Act

Canadian Environmental Law Association has launch a new model Local Food Act building on work done by Sustain Ontario and it’s members. The Act’s purpose is to improve Ontario’s local food systems by 1) improving Ontario’s knowledge of the benefits of local food, 2) strengthening Ontario’s local food economy, 3) promoting environmentally friendly farming, production and processing practices, 4) improving local food distribution 5) increasing public procurement of local food, and 6) inter-governmental coordination and public participation in local food planning and decision-making. Model Act.


Kickin’ It New School

If the success of Fresh City Farms’ unique funding program sounds encouraging, that’s because it is.  Increasingly, passionate, food focussed individuals looking enter the good food sector are exploring innovative alternative business models and distribution systems.  And in many cases, Kickstarter can be a great way to make these dreams reality. Ontario Culinary Tourism post.


Social Innovation Pop-Up Lab, March 21, 2013 – Brantford

Finance, Farms and Food – Exploring new ways to organize and raise money for sustainable food system projects. If you are interested in some new ideas and can travel to Brant County on March 21, we encourage you to participate in this learning event. Come out to hear from a variety of organizations on how they are using new tools and approaches to raise money for sustainable food projects. Details.


Regional food distribution pilot project is launched

The Greenbelt Fund, with funding from the Metcalf, McConnell, and Friends of the Greenbelt foundations, is embarking on a pilot project to look at ways to integrate regional food hubs with mainstream foodservice distribution. The project addresses the increasing popularity and demand for locally grown and produced food. It aims to bring the efficiencies of large-scale distribution to smaller-scale businesses to help them source and distribute fresh, locally grown products. Pilot project.


Permaculture Design Course

“All Sorts Acre near Guelph is offering a Permaculture Design Course running once a month from April to December. Learn to create sustainable landscapes, homes, communities, and life with practical instruction and hands-on activities. Includes field trips, design practicums, and guest speakers. Guest Teachers: Dr. Rob Swackhammer of Main Street Animal Hospital, Ingrid Cryns of soma earth natural building & design, Andrew Macdonald of Arborvitae Ecological Landscapes, Martin Tamlyn of Conestogo River Local Food Co-op. Details


Food Movements Unite! Strategies to transform our food systems, March 19

Eric Holt-Gimenez to speak in Toronto. How are the world’s food movements converging in all of their diversity? This presentation from a renowned food movement leader will explore the practical and political implications of alliances and food regime change. Harriet Friedmann and other Toronto food leaders will comment on Eric’s talk and lead the Q+A. Eric Holt-Gimenez is the Executive Director of Food First in the U.S. Metro Hall, Room 309, 55 John Street, Toronto, 7:00-9:00pm.


New book tells the inside story of The Stop – Book Launch march 24

Nick Saul and Andrea Curtis have authored a book that tells the extraordinary story of The Stop. The Stop: How the Fight for Good Food Transformed a Community and Inspired a Movement, covers a 14-year period during which The Stop — a long-standing Metcalf grantee —transformed from a small, urban food bank into a thriving community food centre with kitchens, farmers markets and gardens. Details.




Food industry operations ‘simply incompatible’ with sustainability

Some of the food industry’s strategies are incompatible with creating a sustainable food system, says a new report from the Food Ethics Council. Food Navigator.compost. (corrected link)


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