Locavore News — Canada

Lack of label hurting local food sales

Agriculture Minister Mike Olscamp told the Daily Gleaner May 30 that the Agricultural Alliance and the National Farmers Union could not agree on a label. The newspaper has published at least two articles on the issue this year. Olscamp said the lack of a NB Grown-type label is hurting local food sales. Atlantic Farm Focus story.

UFCW Canada applauds the new “Buy Local” food policy in Québec

For UFCW Canada local unions, the new policy introduced by the government is good news for our members as it will grow the demand and access to locally produced foods. This not only improves food security, but also encourages the creation of direct and indirect jobs for workers across Quebec,” says Brother Bolduc. “The initiative is an important milestone. Now it has to be put into action with all stakeholders in the food supply chain, including consumers, getting on board. United Food and Commercial Workers Union post.

Missing Voices at Canada’s Food Summit

As I write this the Conference Board of Canada’s exclusive Food Summit is kicking off in Toronto. I’m not there. The Conference Board is working on a new Canadian Food Strategy, supported by a group of private investors – including many of Canada’s largest food companies. The promotion for the Summit notes that there is an “urgency to safeguard and sustain the health and profitability of producers, manufacturers, shippers, traders, distributors and retailers.” Do you see yourself in that list? Probably not. Theresa Schumilas’ post on Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable

Series on locally produced food kicks off at Orwell Corner

So, we thought the series might be a way of creating an interest in teaching Islanders that, even on smallholdings, such as a backyard, you can produce food that is safe and nutritious. And you’ll have the enjoyment of growing it,” says LeClair, adding Orwell Corner, in conjunction with the CFB (Canadian Food Grains Bank) and the P.E.I. Draft Horse Association is presenting three demonstration days to help people understand the importance and safety of locally produced food and also teach them how to plant, maintain, harvest and preserve, from their own gardens. Atlantic Farm Focus story.

Little Locavore in the Making

Have you met Liam? He is a bit of a celebrity in Lethbridge, Alberta due to his passion for local foods and restaurants. He has a popular blog that is aptly named “The Little Locavore” and has even created his very own roll at a local sushi restaurant that is now very popular. Explore Southwest Alberta post. Website.

Demand for local food becoming a Canadian growth industry

A growing interest in our food, and where it comes from, is creating new business opportunities. CTV News video

New definition means ‘local’ food could come from afar

Inspection agency ditches 50-km rule, says any food produced in or near province fits bill. A dramatic revision of the definition of local food by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has perplexed foodies, retailers and chefs. After a widely publicized conflict with a high-end burger joint in Ontario, triggered by a complaint about beef produced 200 kilometres down the highway advertised as “local,” the CFIA has introduced interim revisions to its definition of the term. Vancouver Sun story.

New rules mean ‘local’ food may not be as local as you think

Many grocery shoppers choose fruits, veggies and meats labelled “locally grown” in hopes that the food will not only be fresher, but that they will be doing their part for their local economy and the environment. But what is meant by “locally grown” has suddenly changed. CTV News story.

New Canadian ‘Local Food’ Definition Criticized

Federal NDP MP Alex Atamanenko doesn’t like the CFIA’s interim definition of ‘local food’. The old definition was anything grown within 50 kilometers. The new definition includes anything sources anywhere in the province and extends 50 kilometers across provincial borders. Atamanenko says that undermines the original concept of local food. Blackburn News story.

The Love of Food

The Love of Food is a collaborative effort of a group of people who have come together from all walks of life, and share one common denominator: we love food. We have one other common interest: we want our food grown and prepared in a way that doesn’t hurt our families or the planet. The Love of Food community is as passionate about food as you are. We are thrilled to provide distinctive, real food recipes from Canada’s top chefs, intimate stories about families who farm, and share the latest innovations in the food production industry. Website.


Report Lauds Impact of Agriculture On Economy

A little ammunition for farmers next time you get into a discussion about the value of the industry. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has released a report called an Overview of the Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food System 2013. It provides basic information about the sector, tracks how it performs over time and reflects the challenges and changes that have occurred in recent years. Blackburn News story.


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