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National Survey Shows Institutions are Buying into Local

According to a new report, activity to bring healthy, local and sustainable foods into public agencies is gearing up in almost every province and territory in Canada – and there is a hunger for more. Local Foods: Canadian schools, campuses, and health care facilities speak up is the first pan-Canadian survey of its kind. In all, 239 food and nutrition specialists working within schools, campuses, and healthcare facilities answered questions about efforts to bring local food into their institutions. The responses show that a significant number of public agencies in Canada are working along multiple fronts to put more local foods on patient and student plates. “I was surprised to discover that institutional food system transformation is occurring in urban, rural and remote communities right across the country,” says Joanne Bays, National Manager of Farm to Cafeteria Canada. Farm to Cafeteria Canada news release.

How to Feed 9 Billion on a Small Planet

On November 19th, Miguel Altieri (University of California , Berkeley) – a world leading authority on agroecology – will speak on ecological agriculture as a key solution to food insecurity, hunger, and climate change. Food Secure Canada live webcast.

Where does our food come from?…as told by grade 4s

The Good Food First Club is a program developed at the EAC, for upper elementary school students, and that is being piloted at 4 elementary schools in Halifax. The aim of the program is get kids out in the school garden, harvesting fruits and veggies and using this food to prepare healthy eats in the kitchen. More broadly we hope to get kids thinking critically about what food they are putting into their bodies and where it is coming from. Adventures in Local Food blog.

Food fans resurrect local Slow Food movement

Standing in a circle inside Café ce Soir, each dinner guest takes a turn explaining the dish they’ve brought to this Sunday evening potluck.  Words like ‘non-GMO,’ ‘dairy free,’ ‘organic’ and ‘local’ are used frequently. Some guests go even further, detailing where they foraged the wild mushrooms, which neighbour donated the herbs for the focaccia and what Manitoba farmer raised the bison we’re all about to eat. CBC News Manitoba story.

Support for local food growing: AARD

The local food movement continues to gain ground, as consumers in urban centres increase their support for homegrown foods, says Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. While interest has peaked over the last few years, Karen Goad, farm direct marketing specialist with Explore Local, doesn’t attribute the movement’s mounting appeal to the idea that people are beginning to take more notice of where their food comes from. “I think people have always been interested in where their food is coming from, I think they are now becoming more engaged in having a relationship with the people that they know are supplying their food,” Goad said. Alberta Daily Herald Tribune story.

Government of Canada announces support for Eastern Ontario’s Niche Food Processing Facility

Led by the County of Northumberland and supported by the federal government through the Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP), and administered by Northumberland CFDC, the facility will serve the regional agricultural community as a means to help grow local food enterprises and extend the seasonality of locally-grown fruits and vegetables through packaging and freezing processes. The projected 15,000-square-foot facility will offer a multitude of services including small batch processing, packaging and storage of food and will support second source revenues from farming operations with a focus on fruits and vegetables. The facility will be available for rental, refrigeration and freezer cold storage, educational and meeting space. Northumberland View story.

Rezoning requests logged

A new report shows Quebec is continuing to lose farmland to other uses. The Commission de Protection du Territoire Agricoles du Québec, the provincial farmland protection commission, released a report stating Quebec lost 3,405 hectares of farmland between 2012 and 2013. Last year, 2,205 hectares of land have gone to other uses such as residential, commercial and industrial installments, while 1,200 hectares has been permanently excluded from the green zone to be used to increase urban zones. CPTAQ was responsible for 28 of the 33 land rezoning requests made, adding up to about 2,260 hectares. Christina Franc post in CFF Express.

Crowdfunding – Yukon Gold and Netted Gems

When potato farmers David and Brian Best in Tryon, PEI, launched a crowdfunding campaign to save their family farm from foreclosure, they learned that crowdfunding is more science than art. “There’s three things that I wanted out of life,” said David Best, as he stood in the machine shed behind his house. “Plenty of friends, average health and to pay my bills on time.” The bill-paying  – the mortgage – is the problem.  This summer, the Bests launched a crowdfunding campaign in a last ditch effort to save the family farm, the last family-owned potato farm in their district.  Karin Wells documentary.

An Ex-Industrial Farmer’s Guide to Sustainable Eating

Real Dirt: An Ex-Industrial Farmer’s Guide to Sustainable Eating is an exploration of the decisions and issues faced by Harry Stoddart as he transformed his farm from a conventional cash crop and confinement hog operation into a certified organic, grassfed beef and lamb, and pasture pork and poultry farm. Get inside Harry’s head as he works through the logic and information that took the Master’s in Agricultural Economics graduate from an average conventional farmer to an advocate for management intensive grazing and pasture production. About the Book.

ALC will keep independence, B.C. minister vows while reserving the right to review it

Bill Bennett, the minister responsible for conducting a “core review” of the B.C. government, has vowed that the Agricultural Land Commission will not be dismantled despite a leaked cabinet document that recommends its demise. In fact, of the 90 Crown agencies under his microscope, the ALC is the only one that is assured of remaining independent. Globe and Mail story.




Urban Farm 2013 from the 1st seed to the last harvest.

Video Collection. Facebook page.


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