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More Local Meat on Ontario Plates

Local Lamb and Veal Coming to Ontario Grocery Stores Thanks to Newmarket Meat Packers Limited. An innovative new project from Newmarket Meat Packers Limited means more local meat will be available in grocery stores throughout Ontario. With support from the Greenbelt Fund, and funding from the Ontario government, Newmarket Meat Packers Limited will provide increased market opportunities for small- and medium-sized Ontario lamb and veal farmers and help get their product into major grocery retail chains. Ontario Fresh post.


Building a true value system

In collaboration with six lamb producers, Newmarket Meat Packers Ltd. will build a true value system with information flow to all of the partners – producers, processor and retailer. Producers will form an organization whereby production protocol information will be developed and shared with its members. This producer group will hire a field person that will coordinate year round production to meet the needs of a retailer. The field person will also liaise with retail staff and consumers to get feedback on the product and any suggestions on how to improve the product or the process of delivering the product to the consumer. Agricultural Adaptation Council news release.


Toronto Seed Library @ Toronto Public Libraries – Sat. April 5th & 12th

The first event on the 5th will be a brief seed exchange, seed share, seed library introduction and discussion on basic seed saving techniques. On the 12th we hope to cultivate a community garden fair and seed networking event, along with information and resources for seed starting, growing, and saving. Facebook signup.


Learn About Value Added Opportunities

Register for an eLearning series that lets you learn from home through interactive audio/web conferencing and eLearning modules. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food pilot. April 10, 17 & 24. Details. Register.


Delicious Meals – Sustainably Farmed — Chef Prepared — Delivered to Your Door

It doesn’t get more convenient than that! So, whether you are choosing to live a full Paleo lifestyle or trying to cut carbohydrates, gluten, GMO’s, sugar, corn or soy out of your diet – you have come to the right place. Check out the menu and “Bon Appetit”! From The Farm To My Table http://farmerskitchentable.com/.


Sustainable Food Production Comes in Many Forms, Not Just Organic

From The Farm To My Table is all organic. Heinrichs considers this a sustainability requirement. Onstage at the Walper, she spoke openly against modern farming approaches to pest control, crop protection and livestock production. To me, that’s bold — and unfortunate. I’m not against organic food. Recently, I was proud when one of my former students asked me to offer advice about writing and producing a story collection about Ontario organic farmers. But organic farming versus conventional farming is a very old, very tired slugfest that has driven a stake into the farming community’s heart. Many farmers too are weary of the fight, and are satisfied co-existing as long as one’s practices don’t impinge on the other. Owen Roberts post on Real Agriculture.


Help protect the land that feeds us – NDACT Public Meeting

Join broadcaster Dale Goldhawk, Tom Eisenhauer of Bonnefield Financial, Steve Peters of the Alliance of Ontario Food Processors, and Professor Rene Van Acker, Ph.D., P.Ag., University of Guelph, for a lively discussion about preserving Ontario’s prime farmland. Saturday, April 5, 9:30 – 11:30 am, Town and Country Room, Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex, 200 Fiddle Park Lane, Shelburne, Ontario. Register. Headwaters Communities in Action website.


Maple Syrup Festival Roundup

Asking an Ontarian for his or her favourite season can be wildly divisive. Some prefer the colours of fall, others the skiing opportunities of winter, some the long-awaited heat and produce of summer, and others still the sense of renewal that comes with spring. Of course, all of these answers would be wrong. Hands-down, indisputably the best season in Ontario is Maple Season. Maple Season takes place between late February and late April in Ontario, whenever the weather has warmed enough that daytime temperatures are above freezing while night-time temperatures remain below zero. To celebrate the arrival of Maple Season, an extraordinary number of Maple-Syrup-themed festivals and activities take place across the province. Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance post.


If the border closed: Food, farming, forests and fish at the Detroit-Windsor line

Amid the uproar of 350 enthusiastic local food advocates at Sustain Ontario’s Bring Food Home Conference, it was impossible to miss the massive river that is the borderline, separating Windsor from Detroit. For foodies, Detroit represents a city abandoned by those in power that has risen from the economic ashes through community driven food initiatives. They are now a premier leader of urban agriculture, anti-racism in food systems and self-reliance in urban food. Rabble post.


Food on our minds: Diet, mental health, and the role of community food programs

Upcoming webinar Pod-Cast: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 12-1 p.m. EDT. Explore the role that a healthy diet and cooking together have in mental health promotion. In this webinar, Karen Davison, a dietitian and leading researcher in the intersection of nutrition and mental health, will share key findings from her work. And Kristyn Dunnion, the Community Kitchen Coordinator at The Stop Community Food Centre, will speak about her experience running food programs for those struggling with mental health and poverty. The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Trace MacKay, Research and Evaluation Coordinator at Community Food Centres Canada. Register.




Ontario’s Top 10 Instagram-ing Farmers

With the abundance of food-focused social media accounts and this year’s trending #felfie, we thought it appropriate to turn the spotlight onto our province’s ever-talented growers and producers. Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance post.


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