Locavore News — Ontario

Food Hub Being Proposed For Midwestern Ontario

Organizers of a proposed food hub for the counties of Grey, Bruce, Huron, Perth and Wellington are hoping the food hub will provide a large distribution centre for local producers. It’s just a concept so far, but co-ordinator Gayl Creutzberg says they hope to bring together farmers and economic development people from all five counties. Creutzberg points there are already major distributors in the area but they need one central location where they could pick up locally-produced food. Blackburn News story.


Skills Building Farm Tours

FarmStart has a great line up of tours, where you will learn from experienced farmers, and meet others starting out. These tours will show you what makes a farm successful to how to avoid costly mistakes. Each tour will allow you to concentrate on one important aspect of farming. Learn first hand from farmers who have been there, and have years of experience. Meet other new farmers – you will learn from each other. Get lots of great ideas for how to design your farm. Learn what makes a farm successful, and what costly mistakes you should avoid. Informal atmosphere creates plenty of opportunity to ask questions. FarmStart 2014 Tour list.


Tap into local food with Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve directory

To help residents and visitors easily source local produce, Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR) is preparing a new food directory.  If you are a local food producer or business that serves or sells local produce and are interested in participating, please email info@gbbr.ca by April 15th. Purchasing local food is good for our economy, our environment and our health. When we purchase a locally grown food item from a farmers’ market or the farm gate, the farmer keeps a greater share of the food dollar and is likely to spend the money here in our community. Cambridge Times story.


Health Sciences North Joins Ontario Local Food Challenge 2014

HSN is one of ten organizations in Ontario chosen to be part of the 2014 Local Food Challenge. The goal of the Local Food Challenge is to help public institutions such as hospitals, schools, and universities incorporate more local food into their menus. Local food is defined as food grown, raised, or processed in Ontario. The 2014 Local Food Challenge is an initiative of the Greenbelt Fund, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable agriculture in the province. The Local Food Challenge is also supported by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Manitoulin Expositor story.


Sudbury hospital to boost menus through Local Food Challenge

The hospital has been chosen to be part of this year’s Local Food Challenge. Their goal is to increase local food content — food that is grown, raised or processed in the province — by 15 per cent over the next year for its patient menu. CBC News story.


Caribbean gardener brings exotic plants and vegetables to Toronto

To prove his point, Adjodha and helper Clentis Seraphin installed a taste of exotica at the recent Canada Blooms flower and garden show and it turned out to be a huge hit.

Their little garden (part of the Toronto Botanical Garden’s exhibit) was packed with unusual tropical veggies and herbs that the pair started indoors in containers and hauled in a nice warm van down to the show. Then the crowds came. Hundreds of people dropped by this very popular booth every day to take a peek. Toronto Star story.


The Great Big Crunch 2014

The Great Big Crunch is a special day of good food education, ending with a massive, synchronized bite into a crunchy apple to celebrate. In 2014, we crunched on Thursday, March 6 at 2:30pm E.S.T along with 100,097 others – but you can crunch anytime in classrooms, gymnasiums, recreational facilities, homes, work places and communities across Canada, online…and beyond! FoodShare post.


Ontario Food Blogs We Love

It will come as no surprise that our favourites are Ontario-based blogs that have a special focus on local, seasonal ingredients. These writers are passionate about eating freshly-grown Ontario foods, and their commitment to sharing recipes will help you share in their enthusiasm! Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance post.


Group Working On Food Charter For Huron County

The Huron Food Action Network is working on a Food Charter for Huron County. Spokesperson Joan Brady describes a food charter as a ‘vision’, and explains once that vision is in place they can proceed with some of actions and policies they would need to make that a reality. Brady says part of their charter would also involved celebrating some of the successes regarding the promotion of local food that Huron has already enjoyed. Brady points out they’re in the very early stages of creating the charter and they’re looking for community input at three public meetings. Blackburn News story.


Local food prospects are at our doorstep

How can a city feed itself? Can local food be made available to every citizen, regardless of their income and access to transportation? Is it possible to eliminate the need for food banks in our cities? Can we grow our own food in the urban environment? These questions are contemplated every day by people who are active in organizations that are actually doing something about it. Mark Cullen post in the Toronto Star.




For $1,000, the Foodini 3D printer will take over your repetitive cooking tasks

Natural Machines is finally putting a date on the first shipments of its food 3D printer. It won’t cook you a five-course dinner, but it’s capable of making pasta, pizza and more. Natural Machines has been making our mouths water with its planned Foodini food 3D printer for months. Now, it looks like it will ship the first model in January 2015 to people who back the Barcelona-based startup’s Kickstarter campaign. GIGAOM post.


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