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Good food has the power to make change

Sustain Ontario has created a Vote ON Food campaign. The website for the campaign has a wealth of information and resources. VoteONfood website.


Top 5 Reasons to Vote ON Food in Ontario

1. The Ontario Government controls programs and regulations that impact farms and food businesses. A government that values food and farming will make it easy for farmers and food enterprises to survive and thrive. A vote on food and farming is a vote ON a growing economy.

2. The Ontario Government decides how our health care system works. A government that values healthy eating will create a system that prevents disease and promotes health. A vote on food and farming is a vote ON a healthy province. VoteONfood post.


2014 Party Food Platform Report

This platform report was put together using a survey that was delivered to all four provincial parties during the 2014 election campaign. All information contained in this report is based on the party responses to that survey or on information drawn from their platforms. Sustain Ontario report.


Local farmers and food community partner for first-annual Eat Algoma festival

The Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN), a partnership of the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC) and NORDIK Institute, today announced the upcoming Eat Algoma Local Food Festival, to take place June 14th, 2014 on Queen St. in downtown Sault Ste. Marie.  The “Farm to Fork” theme will bring country life to the city, and serve as a unique opportunity to celebrate Algoma’s food and farm community. Eat Algoma will take place on Queen Street (between East St. and Brock St.) from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. With farm-fresh food vendors, children’s activities, live music, a pop-up patio, animals, and a Restaurant Food Challenge Competition, the event aims to be fun for the entire family. Wawa-news story.


A Campus Food Revolution

The University of Guelph (“Guelph”) is one of a number of universities that are leading the way in revolutionizing how food is prepared and served on campus. Chef Cooledge is passionate about quality food. He cares about people and knows how to bring out the best of what the land provides. To see where his talents really shine, one need only stand in front of the 100 Mile Wall of Fame. The contents of the preserved condiments cramming two 10-foot-high shelves were sourced from within a hundred miles of campus and prepared for exclusive use by the 100 Mile Grille. Edible Toronto story.


Hospitality Services Puts More Local Food on the Menu

That new patty-press machine in Creelman Hall will help pump out more homemade hamburger patties for hungry campus members and visitors – and help U of G meet a local food challenge this year. The department will focus on sourcing local protein for more burgers, meatballs and sausages made on-site instead of using prefabricated frozen ingredients and imported meat products. The new press can turn out about 1,200 patties an hour. University of Guelph post.


Ontario Farmers’ Market Directory – Toronto and the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Numerous farmers’ markets in Ontario remain open YEAR ROUND! Seasonal markets usually open on or around Victoria Day weekend in May. Edible Toronto story.


Food for Change Event in Sarnia

Lambton Public Health is hosting a free educational event to inspire local food service establishments (restaurants, school cafeterias, student nutrition programs, recreation centre canteens, long-term care facilities, hospitals and day care centres) to get creative with their menus and include more fresh local foods with guest speaker Paul Finkelstein. Ontario Fresh post.


Bus tour features value-added farm business

A planned bus tour, April 23, of value-added, farm-based businesses near Moorefield is the third in a series of collaboration-building activities for the Five-star Food Hub for the southwestern Ontario counties of Grey, Bruce, Perth, Wellington and Huron. Spearheaded by Huron Business Development Corporation economic development manager Paul Nichol and coordinated by consultant Gayl Creutzberg, the proposed hub seeks to serve growers in all five counties. Precise details of potential markets and hub operations have yet to be determined as Cruetzberg and a 12-person working group develops a core of farmers willing to carry the project forward. Better Farming story.


Thank You for helping us get to the Farmers Market

THANK YOU to the incredibly generous donors who helped us reach our goal to get School Grown back to the market! We did it! We reached our $19,500 crowd funding goal to purchase a used fuel efficient van, cargo bike, and bike trailer to bring our School Grown fresh produce to farmers markets and restaurants this harvest season. Indiegogo crowd funding.




The transformative potential of the right to food

The existing food system has failed and needs urgent reform, according to Olivier De Schutter, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food. In his report to the UN he argues there should be a greater emphasis on local food production and an overhaul of trade policies that have led to overproduction in rich countries while obliging poor countries – which are often dependent on agriculture – to import food. In his final report, Olivier De Schutter, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, offers a detailed critique of an industrial system of agriculture that has boosted food production over the past 50 years, yet still leaves 842m – 12% of the world’s population – hungry. The Guardian story. Report.


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