Local Food News — Ontario

Developing the Value Chain of Ontario Quinoa

Katan Kitchens and the Value Chain Management Centre have been working together over the last ten months on a 30-month project to develop the commercial scale production and marketing of Ontario-grown quinoa, funded by ARIO and OMAF & MRA through the New Directions Research Project. Driven by consumers’ increasing interest in health, demand for quinoa has markedly increased over the last few years. To date, however, the vast majority of quinoa consumed in Canada is imported from South America. Ontario Fresh post.


Thumbs up for Ontario wine

Ontario farmers markets have become fertile ground for top-quality wines produced in the province. A two-year pilot permitting sales of Vintners Quality Alliance wines at farmers markets has become popular with market patrons. Last week, the province announced more than 100 farmers markets offer products from nearly 70 Ontario wineries. The province estimates more than $250,000 worth of VQA wine has been sold at markets since the program’s inception — music to the ears of the wine industry. FCC Express post by Owen Roberts.


Map To Find Ontario Wine at Farmers Markets

The province wants to make it easier to find Ontario made wines at farmers markets. Earlier this year the government launched the VQA Wines at Farmers Markets program. The two-year pilot is part of the province’s local food strategy. The government has now launched an on-line map to help get directions and hours of operation for participating local farmers’ markets across Ontario. Blackburn News story. Map.


How Ontario’s beef industry can learn from Australia’s traceability program

Value Chain Management International (VCMI) released a case study on one of the most effective livestock traceability systems in the world in terms of economic impact — Australia’s National Livestock Information System (NLIS). Full chain traceability is a relatively simple concept. In practice it is a highly complex undertaking, which can require enormous investments and produce little benefit if not planned and executed correctly. VCM International post. Case Study.


Fresh and Local in New Hamburg

The Reverend Joan Berge explained that all sale proceeds will go toward supporting the Wilmot Family Resource Centre in New Hamburg as well as two orphanages in Kenya.Volunteers are busy growing, harvesting and preparing the produce during the morning hours to sell in the afternoon at the stand in front of the Zion United Church, 215 Peel Street. Kudos to the nice people who donated the land space for the church to use in helping others. Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable post.


Renfrew County Local Food & Farming Forum

Ottawa Valley Food Co-operative, a Sustain Ontario Member, together with  the Renfrew County Community Futures Development Corporation, invites all to come learn about the Local Food economy in Renfrew County and participate in their conversations around incorporating locally produced food in your organization. The event will take place on Tuesday September 16, 2014 from 9am-4pm at the Cobden Agricultural Hall – 45 Astrolabe Rd, Cobden ON. Sustain Ontario post.


Chatham-Kent Food Event Gathering Steam

A perfect partnership of agriculture and cuisine, the CK Table is an annual event celebrating the quality and diversity of food produced in Chatham-Kent. A multi-course dining experience where farmers and culinary artisans present an array of fine meats, fruits, vegetables, wine and beer all grown and produced locally! Guests can mingle and share conversations with the very farmers that bring the farm to the table. “Over the next few weeks you’ll see some longer narratives and stories come out that really tell the story of some of these farmers as heroes,” says Rasmussen. “I think you’ll start to see a ground swell in the community that we can all rally behind this vision of not only buying local but also of local agriculture and producers that plan for the future.” Blackburn News story. Website.


Ontario Farm Fresh presents “Farm to Fork University”

Throughout the late summer and fall Ontario Farm Fresh is offering a series of hands-on workshops that allow producers to learn some ‘tricks of the trade’ from other producers engaged in value-added production and direct marketing. Direct from Norfolk County post.


Helping Decision-Makers Understand Rural Ontario

The Rural Ontario Institute wants to help provincial leaders and policy makers have informed discussions about the challenges facing society. The Institute publishes a series of fact sheets to give those leaders and policy makers a better understanding of what’s going on in rural Ontario. The Institute’s Norm Ragetlie says it’s the kind of information organisations in smaller, rural areas may not have the time to pull together themselves. Blackburn News story. Focus on Rural Ontario Fact Sheets.


Trade Agreements and Local Food Procurement

Trade regulations may present some challenges for Broader Public Sector institutions purchasing local food, but are not as significant a barrier as they are perceived to be. As this paper has detailed, there are some ways to work within trade agreements and procurement policy while still supporting local food. There are now multiple examples to follow, and new approaches are always being developed. Greenbelt Fund Green Paper.




The Mindful Carnivore

It took me a couple renewals but I made it through the book, and am happy to have done so. The Mindful Carnivore is an extremely thoughtful and meditative memoir about one man’s journey from vegetarianism to veganism and finally back to omnivorism and hunting. Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable book review.


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