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Strengthening the Food Movement: Convening Community Garden Leaders

Back in the Spring of 2014 we held a gathering in Halifax for Community Garden Coordinators. This was the second in a series of events supported by the Our Food Project to connect and support the leaders behind the gardens of Halifax. Check out the blog post from the first Storytelling Event we held last November 2013. The purpose of the day was to gather together to feel a sense of support, share insights, leverage knowledge and skills, and build relationships, as well as to strengthen the network of garden coordinators. We had 20 people at the event representing school gardens, university gardens, community gardens and other garden-related projects. Adventures in Local Food blog

Institutional Food Program, J. W. McConnell Family Foundation

Public institutions can play a transformative role in creating socially, economically and environmentally sustainable food systems, providing healthy food for populations which are often vulnerable and influencing supply chains to more local and sustainable production. Hospitals, long-term care facilities, universities and schools have a critical role to play in food system change, both because they are publicly funded and because stakeholders such as students, patients, doctors and parents can influence the purchasing policies and practices of these institutions toward greater sustainability. Website.

Is Atlantic Canada’s food movement ready to tip?

In the past week alone, the Rustik offices received three absolutely staggering food-related emails. Our colleagues at Devour! floored us (and the nation, really) with the amazing revelation that the lovably irascible author, drinker, traveller and foodie, Anthony Bourdain, would be in Nova Scotia as part of their film festival in November. Our colleagues at the Ecology Action Centre informed us that registration was opened for an important national event called Waves of Change: Sustainable Food for All, presented by Food Secure Canada. Turns out, hundreds of food leaders from across Canada will converge in Halifax in November – the first time a Food Secure Canada gathering has been held in Atlantic Canada. Rustix Canada post.

Farmery Brewery Expands into Pil Territory: Made-in-Manitoba Brew Goes to the Gap

In what can only be described as the best news story this editor has posted all week, Farmery Brewery has announced its Farmery premium lager will be available in Saskatchewan. Farmery Estate Brewery is a Manitoba- (and farm)-based company that uses its own farm-grown barley and hops to brew its premium lager. The company is headed up by brothers Chris and Lawrence Warwaruk. “Farmery is a grassroots company, and we feel like Saskatchewan represents the same farming values we practice when it comes to our beer,” Chris adds.  “Adding value by processing our farm-grown grains on the prairies instead of shipping them raw to other parts of the world just makes sense. Real Agriculture story.

The challenges and rewards of family farming in Canada

With 2014 having been declared the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) by the United Nations, we would like Canadian family farmers to give us a glimpse into their lives. One of the aims of the IYFF is to provide a platform for discussion about the challenges faced by family farms and smallholders. What does modern family farming in Canada look like? What are the unique challenges? The rewards? How do family farms remain competitive in today’s market and in the future? Please share your insights on any of the questions above. And better yet, show us with photos and short videos! CBC Community.

Funding leaves NL cranberry industry firmly planted

The cranberry industry in the province (Newfoundland & Labrador) received a $7-million boost. The industry has been seen as a hope for economic diversification in the central region particularly since the 1990s. The cash injection, announced in Grand Falls-Windsor, is expected to bring the industry a step closer to sustainability. Provincial Cranberry Association President Fabian Power said the funds will help increase the acreage of cranberry farms, bringing the industry from 250 acres close to 500 acres. Partners project 500 acres is a magic number for long-term viability. Atlantic Farm Focus story.

FMC Launches Video Contest Showcasing “Y We Farm” For Young Farmers

What does the future of Canadian agriculture look like to you? Farm Management Canada wants to know, and if you’re willing to submit a short video that makes your case, you could win a trip to the 2014 Agricultural Excellence Conference, all expenses paid. The Agricultural Excellence Conference is a one-of-a-kind event that brings diverse industry experts and stakeholders together from across disciplines, regions and commodity sectors to share and explore beneficial farm management practices. The conference takes place in Winnipeg, November 19-21, 2014. Real Agriculture post.

Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) Canada Launches 5th Edition of the All About Food

All About Food: Exploring Canada’s Food System educates students on food production in Canada, from farm to fork, highlighting balanced information on a variety of topics and issues related to production, food safety, healthy eating, the environment, technology, trade and careers using current information extracted from the Statistics Canada Agricultural Census as well as other current and relevant agricultural sources. Agriculture in the Classroom news release. Website.

Open Farm Day is a Great Concept, But Conventional Farms are Missing

Thousands of Winnipeggers and non-farming Manitobans will leave their homes intent on seeing and smelling where their food comes from this weekend. For the last five years, the Manitoba government has organized and promoted an annual “Open Farm Day,” which will be held on Sunday (a similar event will also be held this weekend in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.) For people who care about farming and agriculture, it sounds like a great idea. It’s an opportunity to help more people understand what happens on farms, to paint a picture in their minds of what agriculture is like in 2014 – a good cause, right? It’s too bad the painting is incomplete. There’s a big piece missing. Real Agriculture post.

Short list released for Taste Canada food writing awards

Celebrity chefs and local food still dominate Canadian cookbooks, if the new Taste Canada food writing award nominations are any indication. The awards, which will be given out in October in Toronto, recognize the best in Canadian cookery books and culinary narratives. This year saw only a couple of western nods and nobody from Alberta. A handful of B.C. writers, though, made the list. Edmonton Journal blog.


A first for a restaurant in Quebec – St-Hubert breaks new ground with a mobile game

Always looking for innovations that will appeal to its customers, Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert becomes the first Quebec restaurant chain to launch its very own mobile game. Available for free as of today on iPhone, iPad and Android platform, the Chicken Run game will allow players to drive a St-Hubert delivery car and go through five cities in Quebec and Ontario on a road filled with obstacles. RestaurantCentral.ca post.


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