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South Australian Government Buy Local Policy

That all South Australian Government Departments and Minister’s offices use and promote local food, wine and beverages, where reasonable and feasible to do so, at any Government organised or sponsored function or events. This is an important part of the Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment strategic priority. South Australian Buy Local Policy.


First Graders Don’t Care about Michelin Stars

On a recent visit to New York, I was reminded that chefs bring more than a high-profile name to this fight. At the James Beard Foundation Food Conference, I met Michael Anthony, a Chefs Boot Camp graduate and the Executive Chef and Partner at Gramercy Tavern in New York City. Upon hearing that I work for the National Farm to School Network, he excitedly shared how he and his team at Gramercy Tavern and its sister restaurants volunteer at P.S. 41 in Manhattan, teaching cooking and nutrition to first grade students. National Farm to School Network post.

Want to double world food production? Return the land to small farmers!

All over the world, small farmers are being forced off their land to make way for corporate agriculture, writes GRAIN – and it’s justified by the need to ‘feed the world’. But it’s the small farmers that are the most productive, and the more their land is grabbed, the more global hunger increases. We must give them their land back! Ecologist blog.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

Stephanie Alexander has a vision that pleasurable food education is accessible to every Australian school with a primary curriculum. The not-for-profit Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation takes a revolutionary approach to food education focusing on pleasure, flavour and fun via the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. Website.


Organic Farms Become a Winner in Putin’s Feud With the West

Boris Akimov’s cellphone, which quacks like a duck, started to sound like a whole flock soon After President Vladimir V. Putin imposed sweeping food sanctions barring many Western imports last August. Major Russian grocery chains, desperate to find new suppliers, tracked down Mr. Akimov, the founder of Russia’s fledgling farm-to-table movement, to ask urgent supply questions. How many chickens and eggs could he provide, they wanted to know, and could he deliver 100 tons of cheese, say, immediately. The New York Times story.

The Common Unity Project Aotearoa

The challenges of food quality, poverty and its relationship with education and health are all global ones. Sadly, New Zealand is faced with these issues too. But, by using our unique advantages as a nation, there is great possibility of change. it is our aim to create a pilot scheme at a very special little school in Lower Hutt so that we can provide a model of community sharing and resilience which in turn can be shared with other communities in NZ. Facebook post.

Missouri Veterans Learn (and Teach) about Farming

More than 50 military veterans recently attended educational sessions on resources that can help them start farming. Workshops in central Missouri near Fort Leonard Wood and at the Lincoln University campus brought those in the know together with active duty veterans and military retirees. They shared information on farm loans, assistance with disabilities, and markets for alternative crops. Centre for Rural Affairs post.

New Lives for Ancient and Extinct Crops

New Lives for Ancient and Extinct Crops profiles nine plant species that were important contributors to human diets and had medicinal uses in antiquity: maygrass, chenopod, marshelder, agave, little barley, chia, arrowroot, little millet, and bitter vetch. Each chapter is written by a well-known scholar, who illustrates the global value of the ancient crop record to inform the present. From eastern and western North America, Mesoamerica, South America, western Asia, and south-central Asia, the contributors provide examples of the unexpected wealth of information available in the archaeological record about ancient and extinct crops. Book announcement.

Youth Food Movement

YFM aims to be a nation-wide movement that brings young people together around food.   We strive to make our generation aware of their power as conscious consumers by building understanding and value for the food we eat. We also aspire to be a collective voice for young Australians so that together we can have our say in the decisions that impact our food future. Website.

Shop Local Campaigns for Small Towns

You know that keeping more dollars in town is the best thing for making your town prosper. The local movement has been a big help, making more people stop and think about ways to spend money locally. But it isn’t enough. You tell people to Buy Local, and then they get bad service in a local business, and there goes all the good work of your campaign. This downloadable eBook walks you through that problem and many more to get your small town shop local project up and running. Small Biz Survival Store post.


Top 7 books on feeding the world

From eco-friendly farming techniques to the history of food activism, we asked our community for books which highlight methods that are creating a better, more sustainable food system for the world. Recommended by you, here are a selection of the best: ….. 2. The No-nonsense Guide to Food by Wayne Roberts. The Guardian story.


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