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Binghamton University pledges to improve campus nutrition with Partnership for a Healthier America

According to BU’s B-Healthy Initiative, the University has agreed to a total of 23 changes by joining the initiative. Changes include implementing a local food procurement program and offering at least five fruits and five vegetable choices in dining halls. In addition, every platform serving meat must also offer a plant-based alternative. Binghamton University Pipe Dream post.

AgCenter receives USDA grant for farm-to-school conference

A conference to address a statewide farm-to-school initiative has recently been funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm to School Grant Program. Through a $25,000 grant, the LSU AgCenter will host a statewide farm-to-school conference to bring together school administrators, teachers and parents, food service managers, farmers, food distributors and others involved with Louisiana agriculture, school gardens and healthy school meals, said Annrose Guarino, the AgCenter state specialist for urban health. The format will center on education, gardening and procurement and provide technical assistance in areas such as local food procurement, food and garden safety, culinary education and incorporating curricula into existing core classes. KTAL-TV story.

Buying local produce important to Irish consumers – Bord Bia

A preference for local food is a growing trend amongst consumers in the UK and Ireland, according to Bord Bia’s Periscope report. Outlining the results of the report Michal Slawski of Bord Bia says in Ireland, seven out of 10 adults consider buying local produce to be important when shopping for food – as a comparison; just over half of adults in the UK feel the same. When asked to define what local meant, most people in the UK and Ireland believe that local food refers to food that is produced in close proximity to where they live, he said. Agriland story.

Tucson’s Local Food Rave

When Heirloom’s owner Manish Shah found out that St. Philip’s was planning an art fair for the weekend of April 5, he looked at the market’s temporary displacement as an opportunity. “The idea was to throw a big food rave,” says Shah. “It was something that I had been contemplating for a long time.” So, Heirloom and company is packing everything up for a one day celebration at Rillito Downs called the Viva La Local Food Festival. The festival, says Shah, will feature the biggest farmers’ market in Southern Arizona, with more than eighty independent vendors as well as thirty-plus local restaurants serving up some local delicacies alongside a number of Southern Arizona wineries and breweries. But if it all sounds too lavish for your blood, not to worry. “We’re trying to really keep (Viva) accessible to everybody,” says Shah. Zocalo Magazine story.

Farmhouse Direct

Farmhouse Direct is a virtual marketplace developed to bring farmers and producers together with their buyers, allowing customers to buy direct from the person who grows or makes the product. To keep it real we don’t act as a warehouse or middleman we just connect you direct to your favourite producers who fulfill your order direct from their farm. Although we offer a single checkout, so that you don’t have to make multiple payments, we do not aggregate delivery so if you order from multiple Producers you will see shipping costs against each order. Most Producers use a range of flat rate shipping boxes so to optimise your basket with each Producer we suggest you refer to the “Order Considerations” to see whether you can add additional products in the Producers range for the same shipping cost. To maintain integrity of the direct relationship between the farmer/producer we offer direct fulfilment from the producer to the buyer. This ensures that we provide you with the freshest made products direct from the farm. Website.

Vinland restaurant taking local food movement to extremes

Levi said he decided to try to his food experiment in Portland because of the abundance of organic farms, fishermen and foragers. But it’s also a place where the ground is frozen solid for six months. “I really enjoy the challenge,” said Levi carefully slicing a roast beef. Local ingredients only means diners will not find any dishes prepared with typical staples like olive oil, black pepper, cane sugar. “It forces us to think how can we create dishes which are exciting? Without using the more obvious ingredients,” said Levi. No lemon? No problem. They use condensed yogurt whey. WCSH-TV story.

London restaurateur calls for local food forum

Angelus Restaurant and Bar became the first restaurant to sign the NFU’s Back British Farming charter in October last year, but owner Thierry Tomasin has been disappointed with the results. Mr Tomasin, who said he was ‘passionate about serving excellent French cuisine using locally-produced ingredients’, hoped the charter, which is prominently displayed on the restaurant’s website, would help open up new avenues to source fresh British ingredients. But the reality is he has continued to struggle to source consistent supplies and has spoken out to urge ‘more momentum from the NFU’ in driving local farmers to work more closely with restaurants around the UK. Farmers Guardian story.

Top 10 Lessons from the Farm to School Summit

Last month’s Farm to School Summit held in Aurora, Nebraska, was a smash hit. We learned a host of things to help us move Farm to School forward. I hope they inspire you to act for your schools and communities. Centre for Rural Affairs post.

USDA: Local food sales important to agriculture

“There really is a tremendous buzz all over the country on local foods. In fact, local food sales have continued to increase. Now they’re over $7 billion a year,” said Avalos. He says the No. 1 national trend with supermarkets and restaurants is local food. “This is important to a lot of components of agriculture. In reality, it’s an economic driver for our communities. Local foods creates jobs. It keeps many farmers, mostly small farmers, on the farm. It keeps farmland in farm production,” Avalos said. He added it in no way negatively impacts mainstream ag resources. RFD-TV story.

Healthy Corner Stores Network

The Healthy Corner Stores Network supports efforts to increase the availability and sales of healthy, affordable foods through small-scale stores in underserved communities. Because together, we can create better meal alternatives in our communities than just chips and soda. Anyone interested in food access can be a member. The network includes more than 600 members from all over North American. Website.


Farmer Derek Klingenberg Plays “Jingle Bells” to the Cows

Derek Klingenberg has a Christmas present just for his cows. In this fun video Klingenberg plays “Jingle Bells” to the cows who come running towards him. Once they get close though, Derek has a surprise waiting just for them. Video.

Alternative Trade – Legacies for the Future

Gavin Fridell does us all a service in reminding us that—as the slogan has it—another world is possible. Indeed, existed. He begins by taking on the notion—or fantasy as he calls it— of ‘free trade’ as normal or an uncontested good or even a reality, rather than something usually of benefit only to the top dog. Fridell reviews three different alternative trade regimes—covering bananas, coffee and wheat—the latter through something familiar to most Canadian readers, the Canadian Wheat Board. He argues that three things define alternative trade—the use of state power to manage markets for broader social, economic and developmental ends; social regulation; and, a pro-poor agenda. Book review.


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