Local Food News — Ontario

Local Food Symposium, Wednesday November 8, 2017

Mark your calendars! On Wednesday November 8, 2017 the Greenbelt Fund will be hosting a Local Food Symposium at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The Symposium will explore everything local from the practical to the visionary, with engaging break out sessions and insightful, inspiring speakers. ??????


Reevely: Ontario’s vintage alcohol regulations have us subsidizing liquor now

Each kind of alcohol has its own rules. Beer has one set, wine another, apple cider a third, hard liquor a fourth. At the moment, the Liberal government likes artisanal alcohol in general: little breweries, wineries, cideries and distillers create jobs in rural areas and boost tourism, they’re hip and they have a dash of back-to-the-land romance. They buy local produce, too: “grain to glass” is the mantra for craft distillers, like “field to table” for locavore cooking. Cideries are really big on Ontario apples. Ottawa Citizen story.


Dryden Cloverbelt Local Food Co-op wins provincial award

Dryden’s Cloverbelt Local Food Co-op has been given a 2016 Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence. The award recognizes contributions to boosting economic growth in Ontario by creating new products that help to support job creation, add value to existing products and support a sustainable environment. Cloverbelt, who also won the award in 2014, was launched in 2013 to help bring food straight from the farm to the consumer. More than 100 producers of goods have since sold products through the food cooperative. KenoraOnline.com story.


Incubator uses Growing Forward 2 funding to give local food businesses a start

A not-for-profit food business incubator in Toronto is helping entrepreneurs get their fledgling food companies off the ground. Food Starter offers food prep, processing, packaging and storage facilities to industry entrants at a reduced rate, as well as courses to teach entrepreneurs about key aspects of the food industry, like food safety, regulatory compliance, labelling, accounting, marketing, business management and human resources. The Toronto Food Business Incubator partnered with the City of Toronto to access funding from Growing Forward 2 to develop and launch Food Starter in November 2015. AgInnovation Ontario post.


Government Invests in New Greenhouse Technology for Organic Microgreens

Local food is key to the Canadian economy. With the opening of our new 3.5 acre Woodhill Greenhouse facility, we are poised to supply a large part of this market with the most nutrient dense food. Our facility has been upgraded with the latest innovations in UV light transmitting roofing combined with automated soil and seeding equipment. Innovations, such as these, are allowing our company to produce the highest quality organic lettuce and microgreens right here in Ontario, year round. Marketwired press release.


Highview students feed their minds with Food for Learning

Renfrew County Food for Learning Student Nutrition Program provides funding for food and ongoing support to schools and community organizations who run healthy breakfast, snack and lunch programs for the children and youth living in Renfrew County. The program aims to educate students on proper nutrition and provide them with the best food for thought to take them through their school day. Pembroke Daily Observer story.


Growing Canada’s emerging sweet potato industry

Canada’s first sweet potato variety is expected for release next year. And now work is underway to ensure Canadian farmers can also access sweet potato cuttings – called slips – right here at home. To help meet booming Canadian demand for sweet potatoes, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) is developing new varieties that grow well in Canada’s cooler climate and shorter growing season. AgInnovation Ontario post.


North St. Lawrence Market dig delves deep into Toronto’s foodie history

A new four-storey building is set to replace the demolished farmers market at Front and Jarvis Sts. But first, an archeological excavation is shedding light on the history of food in Toronto. Toronto Star story.


New loan program for young ag entrepreneurs

Recently young entrepreneurs in the agriculture retail, manufacturing and food processing sectors have had access to a new loan program. Farm Credit Canada announced the Young Entrepreneur Loan last month to provide financing up to $1 million per qualified applicant, under age 40. “By providing specialized loans for young farmers and entrepreneurs, we are helping the next generation get established and contribute to Canada achieving its full potential as a leading food supplier worldwide,” says Michael Hoffort, FCC president and CEO. FCC Express story.


Green Certificate Program lets students gain agricultural, on-farm experience

The Green Certificate Program offers Alberta high school students in Grades 10, 11 and 12 the opportunity to earn up to 16 of their Grade 12 diploma credits through training in some aspect of agricultural production, such as in cow-calf, dairy, feedlot, field crop, irrigated crop, sheep or swine production. Agriculture Canada post.




Massive chicken egg cracked open to reveal another egg inside

A giant chicken egg that made national news has been cracked open to reveal another perfectly formed, normal-sized egg inside. The 180-gram egg — which is heavier than a Major League baseball — was discovered by Echo Bay, Ont., hobby farmer Dennis Goslow last month. His hen managed to lay an egg more than three times the size of an average large chicken egg. CBC story.

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