About Local Food News

Local Food News distributes one to three newsletters per week.

The target routine is:

  • Local Food News — World on Monday or Tuesday
  • Local Food News — Canada during the middle of the week
  • Local Food News — Ontario on Thursday or Friday

There are gaps from time to time as a result of travel, family time, renovation projects on our 1847 home or just too much life happening.

To add your email address to the Local Food News distribution list, send an email to: LocalFood-subscribe@terracoeur.com.

You can also subscribe to the WordPress blog posting of the newsletter at https://relocalizedfood.wordpress.com/.


This is a curated newsletter.

I limit each newsletter to excerpts from 10 items of interest with links to the rest of the story, post, website or location of the information. I give priority to items about locally grown food and near-urban agriculture. The uniqueness of the story/website/report/event matters a lot. It is not intended to be timely or comprehensive. My goal is to encourage possibility thinking.


Submissions are welcome at LocalFoodNews@terracoeur.ca

The preferred format for submissions is one short descriptive paragraph (50 to 60 words) with a link to a posting that provides more information. Inclusion is not guaranteed. Providing the information in the above format increases the likelihood of inclusion (If I need to do quite a bit of editing to match my format, I tend to move on to the next possibility). Do leave ample lead time as Local Food News is not intended as a right-on-time news service.

I do not attach files of any kind to the newsletter.


This website has an archive of past newsletters. The home page includes both the current and past newsletters. The website is searchable by category and any combination of keywords.

Elbert van Donkersgoed


4 thoughts on “About Local Food News

  1. I would like to add my thanks for your very informative newsletter. I learned about you through a local conference in Belleville a few years ago and have been following your newsletter ever since. I read each one and look forward to receiving your newsletters each week.

  2. Just to let you now how much I enjoy receiving the Locavore News in my inbox! It’s great to be able to see what’s going on where, locally and internationally..and to see how the agriculture business is transforming itself step by step through so many creative initiatives. Thanks so much for all your hard work…

  3. I am enjoying your newsletter. Thought that you might like to know about a current issue in our area. There is an application for a 937 hectare quarry in the Dufferin potato growing area along Highway 124. You can learn about it at the sites: NDACT, Highland Companies, Melancthon township, It is under active review. Comments must be received by MNR Midhurst and the Highland Companies Shelburne by April 26 or your comments will not be considered in reviewing the application. If you are concerned about losing farmland and food production for Ontario become informed about this ongoing application. The Dufferin area represents 15% of Ontario’s potato production.

  4. Hello-
    I’ve been enjoying your newsletter – thanks so much for all your hard work and for including the People’s Food Policy in your listings!!!
    I’m also developing our newsletter capacity and am looking around for how different organizations do this. At the moment I’m using constant contact – a web based newsletter management system.
    Thanks for filling me in!

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