Origins of Local Food News

Local Food News is one of my “retirement projects.”

Throughout my career, I have started most days with some right-on-time-learning. In August, 2006, I started circulating the stories that taught me something about local food to a list of interested folks. At that time, I identified encouragement of the local food movement as the most helpful way to implement the Greater Toronto Area Agricultural Action Plan. This became the Local Food Ideas List until my retirement towards the end of 2008. Since the Greater Toronto Area Agricultural Action Committee did not continue the original project, I launched a new format in April, 2009, first as Locavore News and now as Relocalized Food News .

Local Food News has a simple mandate: two or three times per week, circulate a digest of stories, announcements or website postings about interesting and unique activities and initiatives for relocalizing our food systems. Readers are invited to submit stories but are not guaranteed inclusion. I moderate based on interest and uniqueness.

For those submitting stories send a summary of 50 to 60 words describing the event or ideas and a link to the website page were details can be found. Do leave ample lead time as Local Food News is not intended as a right-on-time news service. I do not attach files of any kind to the newsletter.

Elbert van Donkersgoed

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